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World Travel Awards Nominee

Vote for our company and get discounts of Transfer and a Free Holiday to Maldives
Free holiday selection ends on 15 Aug 2018  ( for nomination please whatsup or viber to 009607973501 After a vote with a screen shot 
Click Vote for us below

How to vote 

Please register for an account in order to cast your vote. A verification email will be sent to your email account and you will need to click the verification link to verify your email address before you can login to cast your vote.

Nominees are listed alphabetically within each award.

Travel Industry Voters

Travel Industry voters may apply upgrade their account to "industry" status by providing their company details and association membership number during registration and submitting a minimum of 10 votes. Votes cast by verified industry voters will count as two votes. Votes cast by non-industry voters will count as one vote.

How to vote to Our company 

After registration you will get a verification code to your email 

please verify and follow the step below 


  1. Select a region from the Region Menu - below or on the sub-menu on the left.

* Indian ocean 

* select Maldives 

* Select Maldives Leading Travel agency 

* Vote to Hey hey Maldives 

* Done 

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